Kids Who are Changing the World!

Have you heard of the PEP! Squad? If not, let me tell you about them! The PEP! Squad is an army of kids who are changing the world to be a better place for animals. As the Founder of PEP!, I am the luckiest person to be their PEP! Squad leader. Not many people get to be a part of something so big from kids who are so small! Because of them, I get to witness how wonderful the future will be.

Kids enjoy our PEP! Talks where we talk about everything from spaying & neutering to pet


Jaclyn, age 10, wanted to dress as an animal hero for super hero day at her school!


Before I started PEP! I was amazed at the number of cats and dogs that were surrendered into shelters daily. I started PEP! with the idea to end the cycle that pets are disposable or that it is okay to let your pets have litter after litter. I knew if we didn't do something to change the future, we would be dealing with the same problems for decades. 


It wasn't until I started researching and realized that over 6,000 animals are euthanized daily in the United States (and over 353 daily in my home state of Louisiana). It's not enough to just end pet overpopulation, but I am working hard to end animal abuse and neglect as well! 

I made these towers to show kids the number of animals euthanized each day in Louisiana.


But I can't do it alone. In fact, I can't do it at all! It is up to our youth. It is my generation and the generations before me who created this mess and it will be the future generations who will get the animals out of this mess! 


What we do at The Pet Education Project is not just education. We are creating a culture where pets are regarded to in the highest! Our PEP! Squad believes that pets are not objects, that owning a pet is not a right, it's a privilege; and with great privilege comes great responsibility. 

This video was made by one of our PEP! Squad Leaders, @winniebopper. She is a shelter advocate and animal hero! She made this incredible video to inspire and educate others that pets are forever commitments!


The PEP! Squad is changing the world! Don't just take it from me! Listen to what they have to say! These kids are literally making videos and telling their friends about spaying and neutering! Did you do that as a kid? I didn't. The videos and comments I get on a daily basis renew my faith that animals will not always be disposed of by the millions.

@Dogs_n_cats is one of our most active PEP! Squad members and she made this PAWsome video to educate others on spaying and neutering!


We as adults need to nurture this! If you are tired of seeing story after story of animals being neglected, abused, or euthanized, then here is the answer! 


If you want to be a part of the change, then join our PEP! Squad! PEP! is a small organization! We don't even have an office and after 8 years of running PEP! as a full time volunteer and working a full time job, we have finally been able to hire me so I can do this with no distractions! We may not have all the stuff that we want, but we have the passion and the drive to do this! What we really need is your support!