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Amazing Instagram Hashtags for Dogs

instagram hashtags for dogs

Dog-gone it! Your pampered pooch is simply divine and you want to get them noticed on Instagram but it’s howling-hard to do so!  Yet millions of others have perfected their Instagram accounts for their pets and made them quite the Instagram phenomenon but how are they doing it and where are you going wrong?  Well, the first thing to think about is your hashtag use.  What Instagram hashtags for dogs are you using?  Are you using any?  If not, then you need to read this brief guide to get your dog’s Instagram account to shine out amongst the others. Before you find out about the right Instagram hashtags for dogs, are you doing all the other important things to ensure your pet’s Insta account is getting the right exposure?

  • Is your dog’s Instagram account set to public? If the setting is private, then it won’t be seen by anyone other than those who request to follow you.  To gain more Instagram likes, followers and views your dog’s Instagram account must be set to public.  Go to the settings page, select privacy, and slide the icon over so it is public.
  • Are you posting content regularly? Posting once a week won’t cut it on Instagram.  To gain visibility on the popular social media platform, you need to post at least three times a day.  Do space out your Instagram posts.  If you post three different content types one after the other, it’s too much in one hit.  So, try morning, afternoon and evening and spot patterns.  See when you get the most engagement. Use those times to post going forwards.
  • Have you checked out the competition? Have a look at other pet pages (not just dog pages) and see what they do well, how they do it and who’s following them.  Don’t forget to add their biggest followers to your account, hopefully they’ll return the favor and follow your account back.
  • Are you posting stories? If you’re not posting dog stories that are fun and interesting then you’re missing out on potential views, followers, and engagement.  Use the feature once a day and showcase what you’re doing with your pup, even if it’s a muddy daily walk!  Dog-lovers look for that type of content.

Instagram Hashtags for Dogs – Hashtag Ideas for Instagram Dog Accounts

If you’ve done all of the above, it’s time to move onto those all-important hashtags.  With every image or video you post, you need to add a hashtag and it should be a fairly simple hashtag too.

Instagram Hashtags for Dogs are similar to keywords, they’re what other people search for, they’re trends too.  So, if someone wants to see pictures of a Labrador, they will search the hashtag #labrador.  If they want to search for a Labrador puppy, they’ll search #cutelabradorpuppy or #labradorpuppy.  It obviously becomes more specific too, for example, if you dress up your pampered pooch, you might use the hashtag #dogclothes or #doggiehats.  Be creative and use the dog breed as a hashtag too – even if it’s a cross-breed, like #cavapoo, #cavachon, #cavapoochon #cavalier, #poodle etc.:  You should look at the hashtags that other dog (and pet) accounts use for further inspiration.  Particularly check out the accounts that get the biggest engagement with Instagram users.

Instagram Hashtags for Dogs – Hashtag Ideas

  • #dog
  • #pup
  • #puppy
  • #dogsofInstagram
  • #puppiesofInstagram
  • #petsofInstagram
  • #Ilovemydog
  • #Ilovemypuppy
  • #puppyeyes
  • #cutepuppypictures
  • #dogoftheday
  • #puppyoftheday
  • #doglover
  • #puppylover
  • #pet
  • #doggie
  • #cutedogpictures
  • #instadog


Don’t be frightened of getting creative with your hashtags but mix them in with very searchable terms so your images still get picked up.  The more obscure your hashtag, the harder your account will be to find so, as already mentioned, do look at the other hashtags that other dog Instagram accounts use and add those to your posts for maximum exposure opportunity.  Log into your Instagram account here and get posting! .

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