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When is the Black Cat Appreciation Day?

black cat appreciation day

Your black cat is indeed a beauty.  She’s sleek and silky with fabulously shiny black fur, she’s a genuine head-turner but for some people, they’re turning their head because she’s a cat to be avoided and that’s down to age-old superstition.  Unfortunately it’s because of the superstition that black cats are the least adopted type, there are more black stray cats than any other – and it’s only superstition, so why is it that people don’t seem to like black cats as much as a ginger, or a tabby cat?

What is the Black Cat Superstition?

Black cats are associated with bad luck.  They’re often the cats depicted on Halloween and are always the favorite cat of witches!  However, this is of course just superstition and isn’t real.  The superstition goes back to the Middle Ages when people used to say that crossing paths with a black cat would bring you bad luck.  Yet did you know that in some cultures being followed by a black cat is supposed to bring good luck?  Superstition is based on old wives’ tales, there’s nothing proven and they’re just stories that are handed down through the generations.

October 27th and August 17th – Black Cat Appreciation Day

The above is why National Black Cat Appreciation Day was created.  To dispel the myths surrounding black cats and to encourage other people to buy black cats or adopt black cats.  So, on October 27th, it’s Black Cat Appreciation Day and the one day of the year that puts black cats in focus for all the right reasons.  It’s no co-incidence that the date is just 4 days before Halloween which falls on 31st October.  That’s the day when black cats are in mind for the wrong reasons.  They feature on Halloween décor, accompany witches on broomsticks and sit in windows glaring nastily at passers-by.  Of course, black cats are no different to other cats and are just as furry, just as cuddly, and just as good companions!

Some other countries celebrate black cats on August 17th – it does depend on where you live.  The point is that it shouldn’t matter when black cat appreciation day is celebrated, it is important that black cats are given as much love as other cats.

Black cats are also celebrated on TV although they might be associated with witchcraft, there are lots of TV programs that give them personality and charm.  Take Sabrina and the Witch for example, this popular 1990s TV program reached cult status and is still shown today.  The black cat on the program was called Salem and he could even speak!  There are lots of others, Thackery Binx in Hocus Pocus, Pyewacket in Bell, Book and Candle and Luna in Sailor Moon.

No different to other cats, black cats are loyal to their owners and whether you celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day on October 27th, 17th August, or both – give your cat lots of extra love.  Of course, if you’re thinking about getting a cat then why not consider a black cat?  As there are plenty of black cats looking for a new, loving home, not only will you be doing a good turn by rehoming an abandoned black cat, but you’ll also be making a furry friend for life.  Don’t have a cat but want to know when you can celebrate your pet?  Find out more in this link about other pet appreciation days: https://www.petful.com/misc/full-list-pet-holidays-throughout-year/

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