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Cat Hashtags – What’s the Best Cat Hashtag to Use?

Best cat hashtags which you can use on instagram.

Cat hashtags – you love them, you may even use them when you search for images or videos of cats on social media and now you want to post your own images of your darling cat!  So, what are the best cat hashtags to use for your social media posts of your kitty-kat?  Whether you prefer Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat (or other social media platform) when you want to showcase your precious bundle of fluff, you want to make sure he or she gets noticed by the right audience – heck, your cat could even become a cat influencer!

With that in mind, using the right cat hashtag will get your post in front of the right pet-friendly audience and grow your fan base.  To find out the best cat hashtags to use, you could always perform your own search in the tag search bar and see which cat hashtags get the highest views by looking at the top images that show on this feed.  Or you could cheat and make it quicker and easier for yourself just by using our cat hashtag list below. Don’t forget, you don’t have to use just one cat hashtag, you can use multiple tags – for Instagram as an example, you can use up to 30 hashtags per post.  It’s always better to feature a list of hashtags alongside your image, post or video to make sure you get the views you want. Using perfect hashtag is helping you boost your Instagram followers. Some of Instagram users are prefer buy Instagram followers from 1394ta.

The Top Cat Hashtags to Use on Social Media

  • #cat – now obviously, this is the biggest cat hashtag and that’s because it’s the one most used. It’s simple, it describes what your photograph or post is about and it’s what people who love cats search for first.  Every single one of your cat photographs or cat posts should use this hashtag.
  • #kitten. Rather like the above tag, this one is the one you want to use for your baby cats.  Plus, there’s nothing cuter than an image of your kitten on social media.  Combine it with #cat and you’re bound to get the multiple views you want.
  • #cutecat – you love your cat, the cuteness and fluffiness, the big eyes and adorable expression. Cat lovers everywhere often search for #cutecat so if you think your kitty-kat is the cutest – tell the world using #cutecat (and don’t forget to add other tags too).
  • #catlovers – for people who can’t get enough of cat images, try this hashtag. It says what it does on the tin – it’s for cat lovers, so give people what they want to see and tag your cat image or cat video with this one to grow your pet profile.
  • #catsofinstagram – if you’re an Instagram devotee, and you love your cat, then make sure he or she takes pride of place on Instagram by adding the “of Instagram” tag. Your cat will join the hall of fame alongside millions of other gorgeous pets and be seen by cat fanatics all over the world, instant fame!
  • #catsagram – this is another favorite cat hashtag that’s used on Instagram and pretty much does the same as the aforementioned point.
  • #kitty – another well-used cat hashtag and another word for cat, use #kitty when you post images or videos of your cat.
  • #instacat – this is another Instagram hashtag that’s reserved for cats and gets your pampered pet the recognition it deserves.
  • #blackcats – what about if you have a black cat? Make users narrow down their search to find images of your black cat.  Equally, if you have a white cat use #whitecats or a ginger cat, #gingercats.  Even if you have a tabby cat, you can use the hashtag #tabbycats to get your cat in focus on social media.

Using all of the above cat hashtags will help push your post into view, and don’t forget, you don’t need to stick to just one cat hashtag.  If you use multiple cat hashtags you improve the chances of getting your cat post, image or video seen by millions of cat lovers across the world and you give your cat the recognition he or she deserves.  Another last tip, get cat-creative, don’t be shy and try and create your own, individual, unique cat hashtag!  Got a dog?  Perhaps you’d like to know what hashtags to use for your four-legged friend instead?  Click on this link to find out the best dog hashtags: http://best-hashtags.com/hashtag/dogs/.

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